Clay Flowers Basic Starter Kit


This basic clay flower starter kit includes:
1) Tools – a set of 4 (1no.)
2) Wood stand – square 10 x 10cm (1no.)
3) Scissor – curved (1no.)
4) Clay measuring tool (1no.)
5) Flower mould – Big rose petal 8cm (1no.)
6) Wire #16 40cm (7nos.)
7) Wire #24 40cm (3nos.)
9) Clay – White 110g, Peach 50g, Yellow 50g, Pink 50g & Red 50g (1 pkt each)
10) Sponge(1no.)
11) Roller (1no.)
12) Glue 5g (1no.)

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Hand make your own everlasting clay roses in a tea cup!
A bouquet of hand-made long lasting flowers speaks a thousand appreciations.
Step into the world of clay flowers making and present it to your loved one.

Clay colour comes with:
Peach, Orange, Pink, Red,
Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black & White
Size: 50g for a tub

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