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Learned about STEM teaching not just for the kids, but to the parents too.

Creativity within kids (plus imaginations) are gradually unfolded through the teachings of looking at stuff indifferent perspectives. The least expected materials could turn into a wonderful piece of art through the patience and dedications from the mentors

We could see our daughter’s improvement in her ability to express herself better, her creativeness and her artistic skills after attending Artzillion.

We can see that the Artzillion teachers are extremely thoughtful in how and what they teach. They are also very personally involved with the children’s progress and know each of them fairly intimately but yet professional at their jobs.

Thanks again Artzillion.

Love the curriculum especially the STEM part. My son very happy that he was guided on usage of wide variety of art mediums like soft pastels, oil pastels, Acrylic, printing and many others. Highly recommended!