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Our user’s feedback

Hungri Hungri

Enrolled my gal for the december camp workshops… She enjoyed it tremendously and shared with much enthusiasm after each workshop how the artwork was made. Glad to have found this place for the little ones to express their creativity with different mediums. Will be back for more!

Vanessa Bee Suan

Friendly teachers. My son really enjoy the class.. He is looking forward for the next after each class ended.. Cheers for the teachers!!!!

Sharon Adelina

the teachers are friendly, the lessons are very well planned and prepared such that the kids are led to produce beautiful artwork by themselves. the place is bright and neat, very condusive for learning.

Why choose Artiboz!


We offer a wide selection of courses in different art forms and medium.


You can learn and create in your own cosy space at your own time and own pace.


We carefully and selectively produce each course and materials for a greater exploration.


Our team of teachers and developoers are highly commited to share with you their best knowledge.

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Our course are designated for all age groups, from toddlers to teens and adults to elderly.

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We develop new courses continually to meet your learning needs.